Workshop on Roadmapping Interoperability for Public Safety Apps

October 31, 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. (Invitation only)

The workshop will focus on the following aspects of enabling interoperability for apps:

  1. Data Interoperability
    Review different levels of interoperability and explore the potential uses of data interoperability specifically to bridge the gaps among disparate public safety applications.
    • Jeff Posner, Sr. Applications Architect, FirstNet
  2. App Security and Testing
    Understand the importance of security as a prerequisite to interoperability for public safety apps, and uses and limitations of testing platforms for security and policy compliance.
    • Michael Ogata, PSCR Cybersecurity Project Co-Lead, NIST
    • Vincent Sritapan, Mobile Security R&D Program Manager, DHS S&T
  3. Public Safety Requirements
    Consider legal requirements, agency policies, and practitioner preferences that would impact app/data interoperability.

If you have an interest in attending, please email ‚Äč[email protected].